Ahoj and welcome to Czech out the Czechs.


What is Czech out the Czechs?

Czech out the Czechs is a free walking tour through Prague introducing the specifics of the Czech culture. It is an audio guided tour, which consists of 10 stations. Each station has a history part linked to a culture part and an activity. So you will have three times as much fun at every spot.

How does Czech out the Czechs work?

Just download the map and the audio tracks needed for Czech out the Czechs from this site on your mobile device. This way you are absolutely independent and can do the tour at your own pace.

Why should I Czech out the Czechs?

Well, this tour is no normal audio guided tour, it is an experience. You will get to know Prague and the Czech culture in an extraordinary way. In short: get your five senses ready, because you will see, feel, hear, taste and smell the Czech culture.

What do I need?

A mobile device, on which you download the map and the 11 audio tracks. A pen. In addition to that I highly recommend you to bring some money for food and drinks.

How long will it take?

Well, that depends on you and how much time you spend on the stations and along the way. The walking route itself is 6 kilometres long.

What else?

Feel free to share and tag your Czech out the Czech experience for example by using the hashtag #czechouttheczechs.

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And now have fun.